NOI Property Management LLC has aligned itself with numerous Business Solutions to streamline services & maximize efficiency.  We believe in building long term relationships with providers of industry leading products to achieve business continuity.  This means our onsite operations can focus on core operations: leasing apartments, providing first rate service to our residents and ensuring the integrity and upkeep of the physical plant, while clients see reduced costs without reduced quality. 


Some of the key Business Solutions currently part of our Management infrastructure include:




  • OneSite Leasing & Rents - The RealPage multifamily property management suite gives you an integrated, end-to-end workflow to smartly manage all your property operations – from prospects to residents to site and corporate operations – for enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and maximized revenue.


  • OneSite Financial Management - Accounting:  Our accounting software is easy-to-use and gives managers the information they need without waiting for others to gather it. Streamlined, automated processes and workflows generate dramatic savings in time and labor in your financial accounting processes. Ability to customize reports and dashboards provide a real time snapshot of the information that’s important to each manager in their various roles.  Budgeting and Forecasting:  Automatically pulls all the information needed for budgeting from other components of OneSite and even third-party preferred vendor solutions. Easily create, manage, distribute and monitor property budgets using a simple workflow wizard. Forecasting is based on real-time data so you can accurately adjust your budgets to keep pace with rapidly changing markets.  Investment Management:  With OneSite Investment Management, it is now possible to fully track all investments from a central control center. The web-based system easily tracks all investment commitments from investor organizations as well as proceeds back to investors. Best of all, it allows portfolio-wide tracking from a centralized console to provide you with full visibility into the status of all investment relationships.


  • Velocity - Keep your residents happy with easy-to-read monthly bills, ability to customize resident messages and multiple payment options. Our online billing and payment options provide residents with added flexibility and convenience, and show them you’re committed to green initiatives.


  • ActiveBuilding - ActiveBuilding makes everyday apartment life easy for residents while streamlining everyday tasks for staff. And when residents and staff are happy, that’s good for relationships, retention and your building’s reputation.  With our convenient online portal, residents can view current charges, make payments and track them in a secure location. They can even set up recurring payments and email notifications for scheduled payments and returned items.  Additionally, residents can submit service requests, give maintenance teams permission to enter and store guest authorizations on their online profile – all easy for your team to view, track and manage.


  • LeasingDesk Screening - LeasingDesk advanced resident screening technology helps owners and managers improve profitability through ledger-level integration, the industry’s largest rental payment history database, and the most in-depth criminal background and rental credit checks. Its empirical scoring engine returns a single-score result in a “pass-fail” format—based on credit, criminal, sex offender, rental history, evictions, and predictive end-of-lease cost—in just seconds.  Only LeasingDesk Resident Screening can calculate the dollar value of risk associated with the applicant’s score and offset the risk in an increased deposit amount to protect you from end-of-lease cost. It will automatically and instantly rescore applicants to determine if approved applicants qualify for a higher priced unit, or if declined applicants qualify for a lower priced unit.  The Credit Optimizer feature automates the management of screening settings to reduce decision overrides and drive profitable occupancy.


  • LeasingDesk Renter's Insurance - LeasingDesk provides liability and content protection renter’s insurance to meet the needs of any property. Offered through LeasingDesk insurance services, eRenterPlan® is a comprehensive renter’s insurance program that delivers affordable insurance to apartment renters, at no cost to the property owner. It can improve a property’s profitability by reducing financial loss due to resident-caused property damage and claims that do not meet the deductible.  Our compliance services provide owners and managers with programs to track resident participation in the insurance program and provide reminders to both the community and residents when they don’t have coverage. RenterProtection is a supplemental insurance product that provides limited liability coverage to the owner in the event a renter’s insurance policy lapses, is cancelled, or the renter has no insurance.


  • Payments - Residents want it all when it comes to paying their rent—multiple payment options available when, where and how they want, 24/7. RealPage Payments helps you give residents choices while saving your company time and money. Through our powerful electronic payments platform, Payments supports all major payment options, letting you offer your residents the convenience of secure 24-hour payments.  Additionally, RealPage offers several check scanning solutions that will improve accuracy and reliability as well as save you time and labor – no more trips to the bank. We support auto-feed and high-speed check scanners so you can easily convert checks electronically, reducing time spent on processing payments by 42% or 16 hours in the first five business days of the month.  And our Tel IVR allows you to offer your residents yet another way to pay —payments over the phone. Residents can pay their rent and living expenses using a debit card or credit card via a toll-free phone number 24/7 with bilingual support for English and Spanish. Tel-IVR allows you to charge a convenience fee to recoup your card processing costs. Eviction and collection status are verified prior to accepting payment.


  • LeaseStar - The LeaseStar Marketplace Suite is the most comprehensive online marketing solution that works to maximize a property’s leads to reduce costs per lease. As the premier online marketing solution for multifamily, the LeaseStar Marketplace Suite utilizes cutting-edge technology to facilitate apartment marketing including: apartment website design, search engine optimization (SEO), online leasing, apartment lead management, internet listing services, apartment posting tools, off-site leasing staff with a 24/7 contact center, social media and more.  LeaseStar is the only fully integrated product suite of its kind in the multifamily housing industry. LeaseStar’s components are software agnostic, making it possible to integrate the suite with many property management systems. Top property management companies nationwide use the LeaseStar Marketplace Suite.


  • Lead2Lease - Make the most of your leads by tracking both the quantity AND quality of your leads. Our Lead2Lease user-friendly lead management system centralizes all sales activities; including transferring leads to a sister community and setting reminders for future follow-up. You can’t afford to lose another lead.


  • Contact Center - We think of ourselves as an extension of your team, and we have the training and experience necessary to turn qualified leads into conversions. Our team truly cares about each call and customer. We are dedicated to leasing more apartments by effectively answering calls to capture qualified prospects that are 4X more likely to convert. We are expert conversationalists – who are always on message and spend on average 4 minutes longer on calls with prospective customers as compared to calls that are answered on site. After all, leasing and maintenance requests from prospects and residents are all we do.  Let us handle the conversation and the scheduling, so your staff can focus on providing the best experience for the residents you already have.



A Five Point Hot Water Management Method delivering unlimited ZERO downtime hot water while lowering construction & operating costs.




The number one provider of online education and training in the multifamily industry.